Diploma in Dental Hygiene

AKU's Diploma in Dental Hygiene​

July 25, 2013

I am pleased to announce that AKU will be initiating a two-year full-time Diploma in Dental Hygiene by January 2014. The programme aims to develop the intellectual and clinical skills of the dental hygiene graduates to competently provide comprehensive client-centred dental hygiene care in a professional, compassionate and ethical way.

The programme will be delivered over four semesters teaching both basic science courses as well as four core dental hygiene courses: Dental Hygiene Theory, Clinical Practice, Oral Health Sciences, Community Health and Leadership. Aside from didactic teaching in the classroom setting, student learning will also take place in the lab and clinic settings, using dental models and simulation heads, for a hands-on component of teaching.

The curriculum will be delivered by a combination of both on-site faculty providing face-to-face teachings as well as Open and Distance Learning (ODL) opportunities from international faculty.

The programme is aimed at students in the science track of high school considering a career in the medical or related field of study. It will have a strong community oral health education focus in along with developing technical skills in dental hygiene making the programme graduate versatile and employable in various settings.


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