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Dr Iftikhar Salahuddin highlights the rise and fall of Emperors and Kings in the Muslim period of Iran, exhibits a rich canvas of culture, art and architecture left to Isfahān and the influence of poets Firdausi, Rumi, Saadi and Hafiz on Persian culture.

May 26, 2014
AKU, in collaboration with WHO, successfully concludes the capacity building programme in Hospital Management for the countries of the East Mediterranean Region
May 20, 2014
Dr Sheilla Pinjani is recognized for her contribution to Medical Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
April 18, 2014
AKU Medical College has developed Neurologists, Drs Esmatullah Hamed and Khatool Najmi, through a tailor-made Neurology training programme, to provide neurological health-care in Afghanistan.
March 31, 2014

Dr Farhan Vakani of the Department of Continuing Professional Education, has successfully acquired the prestigious certification by passing a highly competitive competency-based examination.

March 15, 2014
DED successfully organized and conducted the 8th Annual Mega Retreat to enhance the Reliability and Validity of Assessment at FHS-AKU, Karachi, for  Undergraduate and Postgraduate academic programmes.
March 15, 2014

Dr Salahuddin secured third place in the Peace Prize 2014, for his book, ‘Jerusalem–A Journey Back in Time' at the Karachi Literature Festival.

February 7, 2014
With a team of researchers at St Luke's and Roosevelt Hospitals, AKU Alumnus, Dr Bhora successfully printed a windpipe from biologic materials on a 3-D printer and primed with stem cells for growth.
January 27, 2014
Professor Rabia Hussain, Department of Pathology and Microbiology at AKU, was nominated as one of 20 most influential female scientists by Muslim-Science.Com
January 17, 2014
20 members of the faculty are recognized for their contribution to teaching programmes and translational ​research and scholarship.
January 1, 2014


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