Postgraduate Medical Education

Postgraduate Medical Education

Based at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya and Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Aga Khan University offers Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) programmes in nine areas of specialisation. 

PGME programmes consist of four years of training and examinations, leading to a Master of Medicine (MMed) degree. They attract candidates from across East Africa who are admitted on merit.  

The curriculum and training is developed to provide relevant and contextual learning for practice in Africa with the goal of nurturing specialists who will impact the development of health systems in their respective countries. Areas of clinical specialization include: 

  • Anaesthesiology      
  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Family Medicine (only offered in Dar es Salaam)          
  • General Surgery 
  • Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Paediatrics and Child Health 

Each programme has a clear statement of its overall goals and objectives as well as relevant clinical rotations that form the core experience of the learning process, which is largely self-directed. Clinical experience is monitored and guided by expert supervisors/preceptors. Approximately 25 per cent of the resident's time is mandated to structured educational courses.