Class of 2012 Student Profiles

Yamama Dayoub

Yamama, from Syria, completed her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Damascus University in 2007. She worked as an English language teacher in public schools from 2006 to 2008. She also worked as a translator in the billing system for GFA in Damascus in 2010. Yamama's main interest is in education which she feels is one of the most important systems within any society; participating in the educational development process in Syria is one of her major objectives. She is also passionate about learning new languages and enjoys reading, watching movies, especially historical and cultural ones and visiting the theatre. Yamama speaks Arabic and English. 

"The MA in Muslim Cultures will enrich my own experience by studying different Muslim cultures and lifestyles along with their literature and history; I am very keen about this. The more I gain knowledge in this field, the more enthusiastic I become to know more. I am also eager to learn a new language which will widen my horizons and enable me to understand new ways of thinking. This knowledge becomes addictive and I think this programme will satisfy this addiction." - Y Dayoub