Class of 2012 Student Profiles

Tehmina Mansoor

Tehmina, from Pakistan, completed her Bachelor of Business Administration from the Institute of Business Management in Karachi, where she majored in Marketing. Her main interest lies in social development and she joined the much acclaimed Citizen's Foundation that has built over 600 schools for the underprivileged in slums across Pakistan. After some time there, her focus shifted to the role played by young people in civil society and she collaborated with a group of individuals to form a 'youth movement' by the name of URAAN (Flight). Her involvement in the group exposed her to civil society across Pakistan and she then joined the 'Movement for Child Protection and Welfare' that took the task of pushing the government to ratify a bill for the Rights of Children in Pakistan. A social worker and management specialist, she has joined the MA in Muslim Cultures at AKU-ISMC with a view of using her education to contribute to society. 

"I strongly believe that Pakistan needs scholars. It has produced enough doctors and engineers. I am looking forward to this programme that uniquely educates us about the development of Muslim nations and I'm keen to take the experience back with me to contribute to my own society, in one way or another." - T Mansoor​