Class of 2012 Student Profiles

Samira Rakhimova

Samira, from Tajikistan, completed a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the Russian Tajik Slavonic University (Tajikistan) and a Master of Arts in the Theory and Practice of Human Rights from the University of Essex (UK). Since 2006, she has been teaching in the Aga Khan Humanities Project/University of Central Asia and previously worked in the fields of child protection and human rights in international organizations and NGOs in Tajikistan. Samira is interested in social anthropology, tradition, culture and change in the era of globalization. She is particularly interested in how globalization influences and challenges cultural and religious perception of traditional Muslim communities.

She conducted research and published an article entitled, "Survey on Employment Practices and Labor Laws Affecting Children" (IOM Publication) and co-authored and published a book, "The Language of Human Rights" (OSI). She also participated in drafting of the guideline and training module for journalists on children with disabilities (NGO "Zdorovie") and in preparing a manual for teaching a course for the Aga Khan Humanities Project entitled, Identifying Civil Society. 

Samira is a finalist of the British Council and Open Society Institute Scholarship Award to study for her Masters degree (2002) and finalist of the FSA/FLEX Award (1998/99). She loves reading, volunteering, classical music and hiking. She speaks Tajik, Russian and English.

"I hope that MA in Muslim Cultures will equip me with practical and theoretical knowledge of approaching and researching problems in Muslim communities. Also, I'm keen to study religion from the standpoint of the humanities and social sciences. The MA in Muslim Cultures will enable me to narrow down my particular research area in the sphere of tradition and culture and prepare a basis for pedagogical potential of universities in Tajikistan". - S Rakhimova​