Class of 2012 Student Profiles

Rahina Muazu

Rahina is from Nigeria. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from the University of Jos, Nigeria. After completing her degree at the Institute, Rahina hopes to continue working in academia. Rahina has a great passion for African women and children. She speaks three languages: Hausa, English and Arabic. Some of Rahina's hobbies include reading, watching TV, travelling and meeting people from different parts of the world. 

"I was attracted to AKU-ISMC by its unique multifaceted approach to the study of Muslim cultures and also it being London-based. London as the multicultural centre of Europe is a fabulous place to study; it gives me the opportunity to know more about world cultures. Everybody at AKU-ISMC is cordial and accommodating. Being in a multicultural class gives me a lot of joy; due to our diverse background, it is really the study of Muslim cultures in practice. I enjoy my course and appreciate the good standard of teaching we are receiving."    
- R Muazu​