Class of 2012 Student Profiles

Lindsey Stephenson

Lindsey, from the United States, is a graduate of Georgia State University with Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies. She studied abroad in Jordan and Syria and completed a Fulbright research fellowship in Kuwait on the evolution of Kuwaiti diwaniyyas (social gatherings). Lindsey has taught colloquial Levantine Arabic at the high school level and was the Assistant Director of Human Resources for the Fawakih Arabic and Islamic Studies Programme. She founded a Middle Eastern cultural organization at Georgia State University and has volunteered in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan where she completed several mural paintings.

Her current research interests include ethno-linguistic identities in Central Asia, material culture and centers of trade. She is also interested in Islamic art and architecture and Persian poetry. 

"The MA in Muslim Cultures is unlike any other Masters programme I have found. It appreciates the transnational and trans-regional cultures of Muslims and encourages us to explore the junctures at which sociology, anthropology, history and art converge." - L Stephenson