Class of 2012 Student Profiles

Ladan Heravi

Ladan, from Iran, completed her Bachelor of Science in Physics from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2008. She then spent one year at Ohio Wesleyan University where she studied a range of courses in philosophy and social sciences to gain a practical and theoretical background for advanced study. Ladan has 6 years experience in journalism and has worked as a volunteer Physics teacher for visually impaired students. She worked for two NGOs which focused on women's rights and education for people with disabilities. Ladan is keen to learn languages and is interested in music, literature and theatre. She speaks Persian, English and German. 

"The reason I have decided to switch my disciplinary emphasis in graduate school from Physics to Muslim cultures is related to both my personal interest and a sense of responsibility to my society. The MA in Muslim Culture gives me an opportunity to see Islam in its social background. It also provides me with a modern and multifaceted approach to the study of Muslim societies. Moreover, the study of Arabic, which is the language of the early Islamic scriptures, undoubtedly provides a unique opportunity for me to understand Islam in its historical background." -L A Heravi