Class of 2012 Student Profiles

Hamza Tebai

Hamza comes to London from Tunisia, where he acquired his Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from the University 7th November in Carthage, Higher Institute of Languages, Tunis. In 2003 he completed his national degree in Arabic music and obtained a diploma of Arabic music. Since then, he has taught piano and music theory in several conservatories across Tunisia; most notably, the school of modern music Django Reinhardt. In addition, he has worked as a studio musician and arranger in Ulysson studios and has also been an active member of several professional bands. Hamza is interested in linguistics, archaeology, musicology and modern technologies of sound. He is a founding member of the ISLT memoir-club, a volunteer illumine group aimed to help undergraduate students with their topics and dissertations. Due to his multilingual environment, Hamza is fluent in Arabic, French and English. 

"I once read that the aim of AKU-ISMC is to develop leaders in social and cultural realms so they contribute to building a new image about Muslim societies and save the most precious heritage they have. With all that the Institute is providing for its MA students, I can hardly think that there is another place on earth that is as promising as AKU-ISMC with such a finely woven programme that ensures what the Institute promises." - H Tebai