Class of 2012 Student Profiles

Firas Alhawat

Firas, from Syria, completed his Bachelor of Arts in Arabic English Translation from Albaath University, Syria. Prior to this he volunteered for a United Nations human rights organisation. Firas has various academic interests including politics, cultures and religious studies; he is attracted to explore the term "differentiation" and its further implications, particularly, in these fields. Firas speaks Arabic and English. His hobbies range from running and cycling to listening to classical music. 

"One of the eye-catching points for me in this MA Programme is the diversity of students and tutors. This diversity provides a motivating environment for the study of Muslim cultures because it reflects the diversity of the Muslim societies themselves. Therefore, the MA in Muslim Cultures will enable me to deeper understand various challenges facing Muslims around the world, and to later contribute in addressing some of these challenges. A priority for me in this course is to learn Turkish very well because by doing this I will be able to learn more about a rich culture and heritage" - F Alhawat