Class of 2012 Student Profiles

Atoosa Afshin Navid

Born in Iran, Atoosa completed her Bachelor of Science in Physics from Sharif University of Technology. She has been teaching physics, creative thinking, creative writing and public knowledge for more than eight years in Tehran's intermediate and high schools. Except physics, the three other areas of study were in fact recommended by her, given their absence in the educational system and their critical contribution to culture. Atoosa began writing short stories six years ago. Two selections of short stories are soon to be published. She is interested in: literature and education; Muslim cultures and main patterns of thought implied in holy books, myths and old literature; the affection of western literature on eastern literature; and advantages and disadvantaged of western educational systems applied in eastern societies.

"Take a sit and think about your questions. This is all we have to do…and here (AKU-ISMC) is the right place to do so." - A Navid ​