Student Profiles

A Diverse Student Body

AKU-ISMC students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries. This year there are 28 students hailing from Armenia, Afghanistan, Austria, France, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, South Africa, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia and the USA. Between them, they speak more than 11 languages. 

Our diverse student body plays an important role in the intellectual life of the Institute. Students participate alongside faculty and prominent speakers in seminars, lectures and cultural events. 

Current Student Profiles

Class of 2013

  • Serpil Akkaya
  • Abida Ali
  • Mona Asad
  • Farhana Bee Ismail
  • Sher Rahmat Khan
  • Soodeh Mansouri
  • Maziar Moradian
  • Anna Otieva

Class of 2012

All Student Profiles 

​"I think the only way one can bring any useful input into the society is through quality education, and this programme is a rare opportunity to learn about development, history and culture geared particularly for Muslim societies."

Zohaib Zuby, Pakistan ​