Student Life

Student Life 

Studying at AKU-ISMC means that you are part of a small but diverse student body in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world.

Both academically and personally, opportunities for growth are endless and student life at the Institute is vibrant and enjoyable.

The Institute's Registrar's Office deals with all matters related to student life on campus. The office is responsible for:

At the beginning of your time at AKU-ISMC, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. You may consult your advisor for guidance, advice and support on academic issues.

Students at AKU-ISMC have student representatives that meet to discuss the needs of students and engage, where appropriate, with relevant faculty and staff in order to share their ideas and concerns in an open and transparent way. Elected each term, student representatives provide a good opportunity for students to exercise important leadership skills in an academic environment.

To facilitate the next steps in your career AKU-ISMC also offers its students career guidance​. Career advice is friendly and impartial and the Institute makes an effort to create opportunities for you to network with individuals and institutions where job openings may exist.​