Short Courses and CPD Programmes

Short Courses and CPD Programmes

AKU-ISMC offers intellectually stimulating and inspiring short courses and public events th​at cover a range of topics​ that will be of interest to you whether you are a newcomer to Muslim cultures or wish to complement your experience of these cultures with academic study.

Offered through the Professional Programmes Unit, the short courses (open to all over the age of 18) cover a wide range of topics from a survey of histories and cultures of Muslims to law, gender and art.

Free public lectures form part of the annual calendar of events​ of the Institute.

Continuing professional development accredited courses and public lectures are also offered each year.

Customised Courses
The Institute also offers customised courses for specific audiences in partnership with sponsoring bodies as well as a two-week summer programme with Simon Fraser University's Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Cultures and Societies.​


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