Cities: Understanding Socio-cultural Transformations

Cities: Understanding Socio-cultural Transformations

15 - 16 October

Bilgi University, Istanbul

Aga Khan University Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, in collaboration with Bilgi University held a seminar entitled Cities: Understanding Socio-cultural Transformations in Istanbul on 15 and 16 October 2008. For more information about the workshop please click here.

About the workshop
This interdisciplinary workshop intends to investigate the relationship between the built environment and social change in cities in Muslim societies. A starting question for the workshop is; at the beginning of the 21st century, what, if anything, is specific to cities in Muslim societies? This issue will be looked at on the three levels of the built environment, the lived environment and the interaction between the two.

While historical contextualisation of these issues will be very important, the main emphasis will be on epistemological and methodological issues in relation to the study of cities. Presenters and participants are therefore invited to be interpretive, critical and imaginative in bringing up those methodological approaches and epistemological concerns that could clarify this fundamental question. This particular focus is in order to provide a firm foundation and clarify different possible paths for ongoing research in regards to the study of cities in Muslim societies.

Scholars at the forefront of research in this field from Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, UK and Egypt have been invited to present, bringing expertise from a range of disciplinary backgrounds including sociology, architecture, urban planning, material history, urban geography, cultural studies, philosophy, development studies and political economy.

Session details
The workshop will be structured over two days into four sessions:

Session 1: Cities as a framework for changes in value systems

Session 2 : Cities as built environments: transformations and implications

Session 3: Interactions between the built environment and the transformation of value systems

Session 4: Synthesis and summary of the three previous sessions, and defining the agenda for the continuation of research in these fields.

Each session will consist of the presentation of papers by two speakers, as well allocated time for discussants and commentators. The majority of time will be left open for discussion.

Further information
Cities and Muslim societies form one of the key research areas at AKU-ISMC.

If you require more information about Cities: Understanding Socio-cultural Transformations please contact:

Name: Rebecca Williamson
Phone: 020 7380 3847​