​​​Governance for the Public Interest in Muslim Contexts 

The project on Governance for the Public Interest in Muslim Contexts is based on a number of key ideas:

  1. to ‘take stock’ of existing research on governance, including explorations of notions of legitimacy, debates about ethical issues and efficiency in delivering concrete outcomes
  2. to explore how norms may be applied in concrete situations
  3. to improve interaction between scholars and practitioners of various backgrounds and idioms (intellectual and linguistic) and to reach out beyond academia to stakeholders in the civil society, media, governmental, religious, and educational sectors from both Muslim and non-Muslim contexts with a common interest in the governance challenges facing Muslim societies today.

Project initiatives in the first 3-year phase of the project will include:

  • a seminar series involving leading scholars and practitioners in governance
  • on-line publication of op-eds and other publications on governance in multiple languages relevant to Muslim contexts that are accessible to a wide range of audiences
  • publication of academic papers

Future initiatives will include developing educational materials for secondary schools, online university courses and short courses aimed at mid-career professionals in the developing world.​