Publications Programme

Publications at AKU-ISMC 

A facility for original academic research, AKU-ISMC is a hub for intellectual exchange and dialogue about and between Muslim societies and cultures. The Institute’s mandate, implemented in part by its publications programme is a unique attempt to respond to current trends of thought about Islam, Muslims and Muslim societies.

Publications at AKU-ISMC focus on generating new ways of thinking about Muslim civilisations by bringing to the fore representative points of view from various Muslim contexts. The books therefore function as effective vehicles for disseminating alternative perspectives about Muslim societies from those prevailing in the larger academic community and mainstream media. 

The Institute publishes three academic publication series in partnership with Edinburgh University Press in addition to producing individual volumes that illustrate the dynamism of scholarship taking place in Muslim contexts.

The first of the 3 series, In Translation: Modern Muslim Thinkers, broadens current debates about Muslim realities by bringing to light seminal works that have escaped the attention of scholars, media and civil society institutions. By identifying and translating critical and innovative thinking the series introduces new perspectives to discussions about Muslim civilisations.

The second series, Exploring Muslim Contexts, addresses the salient and urgent issues faced by Muslim societies as they evolve in a rapidly globalising world. It brings together the scholarship of leading contemporary specialists from various academic fields, representing a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives.

Finally, the Muslim Civilisations Abstracts series is an innovative reference catalogue that showcases the diversity of scholarship taking place in Muslim societies, whilst also making the plethora of existing scholarship accessible. Volumes in the series seek to create access to and reinforce communication between scholars and institutions where the sharing of knowledge and information has often been hindered due to language barriers. Consequently, both Muslim and non-Muslim societies can benefit from the balancing of information flow and a broader range of intellectual insight.

AKU-ISMC also publishes Individual Volumes​ which do not fall within the above series. These publications include conference proceedings, festschrifts and other academic works.

Further Information

Published in partnership with Edinburgh University Press, these publications are available across the United Kingdom in all major bookstores and can also be purchased online.

AKU-ISMC plans to expand its Publications Programme to include a range of publications which will act as a catalyst for new and alternative discussions about Muslim cultures.

For further information please contact the AKU-ISMC Publications Department​.​