Muslim Civilisations Abstracts

Muslim Civilisations Abstracts

Series Editor: Aptin Khanbaghi

Encyclopaedias about Muslim Civilisations
Edited by Aptin Khanbaghi
Publication Date: September 2009 

In the last 150 years a plethora of encyclopaedias have been produced on Muslim civilisations both by Muslims and non-Muslims, with different approaches to the organisation of knowledge and understanding of Muslim beliefs, cultures and societies. Access to and knowledge of these reference works and databases has until now been hindered by language barriers.

The first volume in the MCA series seeks to overcome this by presenting material in three languages, English, Arabic and Turkish. It is a singular reference catalogue containing 200 annotated bibliographies and abstracts of encyclopaedias published during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Interpretations of Law and Ethics in Muslim Contexts
Edited by Aptin Khanbaghi
Publication Date: April 2012

Law within Muslim societies is far from uniform. This is partly because Muslim societies are stretched over three continents, from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. However, even within Muslim majority regions, law can be interpreted differently according to different denominations and legal traditions. 

Volume two of the MCA project brings together the many unheard voices of scholars studying law and ethics in languages other than English. The volume will feature 200 abstracts with bibliographical details in three languages (English, Arabic and Turkish), giving access to information about scholarly publications from Muslim contexts in the fields of law and ethics.

Forthcoming Volume

Cities: Two Centuries of Scholarship from Muslim Contexts 
Edited by Aptin Khanbaghi

Volume three of the MCA project focuses on scholarship that examines socio-cultural and cosmopolitan processes along with aspects of material culture in both historic and contemporary urban Muslim contexts. It will feature abstracts of works looking at cities as built environments (architecture and urban infrastructure) as well as lived environments (urban social life and culture) presented in English, Arabic and Turkish. As such, the third volume of the MCA will offer new insights into the diversity and dynamism of urban Muslim contexts. 

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