Individual Volumes

Individual Volumes

Series Editor: Aptin Khanbaghi

Organizing Knowledge: Encyclopaedic Activities in the Pre-Eighteenth Century Islamic World 
Edited by Gerhard Endress
Publication Date: 2006

The volume is based on the proceedings of the 2003 conference, Organising Knowledge: Encyclopaedic Activities in the Pre-Eighteenth Century Muslim World, held at AKU-ISMC from 14-16 November 2003. The book was published as a volume of the Brill publication series Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science, Texts and Studies.

Gerhard Endress is Professor of Islamic Studies at Ruhr University. His publications include A Greek and Arabic Lexicon, Fascicle 1 : Materials for a Dictionary of the Medieval Translations from Greek into Arabic (1992) and An Introduction to Islam (1998)

Forthcoming Volumes

The Construction of Belief: Comparative Perspectives
Reflections on the Thought of Mohammed Arkoun
Edited by Abdou Filali-Ansary and Aziz Esmail

This Festschrift is based on the proceedings of a conference entitled Construction of Belief: Comparative Perspectives, held in October 2009 to honour the work of Professor Mohammed Arkoun. The volume brings together the contributions of eleven distinguished scholars of history, religious studies and philosophy. It offers a comprehensive selection of critical engagements with Arkoun’s work, reflecting his considerable influence on contemporary thought about Islam and its ideological, philosophical and theological dimensions.

Aziz Esmail is the former Dean of The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London (1988-98) and has since served as one of its Governors. Originally trained in philosophy, literature and religion, Dr Esmail has held teaching and research positions at various American universities and has been associated with Harvard University’s Centre for the Study of World Religions and Graduate School of Education.​

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