Copyrights & Author Rights Information

Copyright and Author Rights for Abstractors and Translators

We request authors to assign copyright of abstracts and translations submitted to the Muslim Civilisations Abstracts (MCA) Project to the Aga Khan University Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations (AKU-ISMC). Copyright assignment has the advantage of elimination of ambiguity, for example in dealing on an author's behalf with plagiarism, abuse of moral rights, protecting intellectual property or copyright infringement.

By submitting a translation/abstract to the MCA Project, you assign copyright of the translation/abstract to AKU-ISMC, unless explicitly stated by you in writing, prior to submission. This is due to the requirements of the scholarly community in assuring that all abstracts and translations have been edited to an acceptable standard.

By assigning AKU-ISMC copyright, you retain the right to be identified as the author of the translation/abstract wherever it is published and the right to use the postprint (version after editing and publication by the MCA) in a non-commercial, educational or private context, with due acknowledgement of publication by AKU-ISMC as part of the MCA Project.

If you have any queries about copyright assignment and author rights with regards to the MCA Project, please contact us​.​