News 2013

​Lecture on Contemporary Cultural Identity of the Lebanese Greek Orthodox Community​​​​

​by Dr Alyn Hine, Research Fellow, ISMC

June 12, 2013

​Dr Hine spoke about the Greek Orthodox community in Lebanon which, as a minority in this country, finds its voice through a variety of cultural expressions, both sacred and secular, that reflect the variegated identity of the community as a whole. The paper asked three questions: to what extent can Greek Orthodox cultural identity be seen as coherent and unified given the nature of its community; how does its cultural identity assert itself in a pluralistic society and where do the limits of this lie; and what role do myth and memory play at a local level in consolidating Greek Orthodox cultural identity?

Dr Alyn Hine completed his PhD at SOAS on 'Naimy’s Dialogue with Russian Literature'. He is currently a Research Fellow at ISMC where he is undertaking research on the contemporary identity of the Orthodox Christian community in Lebanon. This project falls within ISMC's 2012-3 research theme of Understanding the Processes of Change in Muslim Societies and Cultures, focusing on 'Minorities in Muslim-majority Societies: Contributions, Challenges and Outlooks'.