Academic Excursion to Scotland - March 2012

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​Academic Excursion to Scotland - MA Class of 2012

April 16, 2012

As part of their second year, AKU-ISMC Master's students take a course entitled, Themes in Muslim Arts & Architecture in the Contemporary Period. This year,  students from the class of 2012 ventured north to Scotland where they visited the newly remodelled National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and the National Transport Museum in Glasgow.

The visit enabled students to explore how 'Muslim Art' is exhibited outside of its context. Students spent their time discussing the categorization and display of 'Muslim' art and the reasoning behind the museum's positioning of such art.

From Edinburgh, students then traveled to Glasgow to study the architecture of the Riverside Museum, home to the National Transport Museum, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Students explored both the interior and exterior of the building, discussing the details of the design and the feelings it evoked.

AKU-ISMC students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries. This year there are 28 students hailing from Armenia, Afghanistan, Austria, France, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, South Africa, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia and the USA. Between them, they speak more than 11 languages.

The Institute's diverse student body plays an important role in the intellectual life of the Institute. Students participate alongside faculty and prominent speakers in seminars, lectures and cultural events.

Mr Sohail Merchant
Assistant Registrar