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​Bridging the Knowledge Gap: AKU-ISMC in the Press

May 24, 2012

Dr Aptin Khanbaghi, Series Editor for the AKU-ISMC Muslim Civilisations Abstracts (MCA) series, recently spoke with the Gulf Times and the Jakarta Globe about the aims of the MCA project in bridging the gaps of scholarship that exist between Muslim societies and about Muslim societies at a global level.

In the 24 May 2012 issue of the Jakarta times, Dr Khanbaghi highlighted the important role of the MCA project in filling a gap in scholarship about Muslim histories and cultures, "This lack of scholarly exchange has led to a deficiency in the Muslim world, where Muslim cultures and societies do not benefit from the insights of their own perspectives. This linguistic barrier has to be circumvented, as communication and mutual exchange of knowledge is vital for establishing cordial relations between countries.”

AKU-ISMC and Edinburgh University Press will launch the recently published second volume of the Muslim Civilisations Abstracts Series, entitled Interpretations of Law and Ethics. 

The volume brings together the voices of scholars in Muslim societies and cultures studying law and ethics in languages other than English. Featuring 200 abstracts in English, Arabic and Turkish, the reference catalogue of annotated bibliographies enables access to information about scholarly publications from Muslim contexts in the fields of law and ethics. 

The publication launch will be held on 31 May 2012. For more details please download an invitation card.





Mrs Sikeena Karmali Ahmed
Manager, Publications and Editing