Dr. Arskal Salim launches co-edited volume titled

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​Dr. Arskal Salim launches co-edited volume titled, Serambi Mekkah yang Berubah, Views from Within [The Veranda of Mecca that Changes, Views from Within]

May 28, 2010

AKU-ISMC is extremely pleased to announce that Arskal Salim, Assistant Professor at AKU-ISMC, recently launched his co-edited Indonesian volume, The Veranda of Mecca that Changes: Views from Within, in late May 2010.

The work examines various local issues in Aceh, of religious practice, Shari`a law and institutions, Islamic social movements, and gender equality. Case studies from different parts of Aceh are presented and linked to existing relevant literature and major theoretical frameworks in the social sciences, including anthropology, history, human rights, gender and Islamic studies.

The Veranda of Mecca that Changes: Views from Within contains eight chapters written by Acehnese scholars. All chapters are based on six months of research fieldwork funded by the Aceh Research Training Institute (ARTI).

The book hopes to contribute to current understandings of the changes which have taken place, or remain ongoing, in Aceh. As its subtitle states, the volume hopes to represent ‘insider accounts’ on the various religious, social, legal and political changes that have taken place in Aceh over the past few years.

Viewed in light of Habermas’s work (Theory of Communicative Action, 1984), this book has been the space for interaction between Acehnese scholars and many outside researchers, who have for decades, made this region a site of exciting scholarly works.

ARTI, an initiative undertaken by a consortium of Australian universities, aims to provide support in the post-disaster recovery process in Aceh. The initiative hopes to furnish those who are living in a significantly changed society with the critical skills needed to produce excellent scholarly works, and thereby rebuild the research capacity of a new generation of Acehnese.

Professor Emeritus Harold Crouch of Australian National University has remarked that the work is a clear sign of the return of scholarly local atmosphere in Aceh after the tsunami (see back cover).

To obtain more information about the publisher, please click http://alvabet.co.id.

To order the books or contact the publisher, please email: redaksi@alvabet.co.id
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