Academic Publications Series announced by AKU-ISMC and Edinburgh University Press

News 2009

​Academic Publications Series announced by AKU-ISMC and Edinburgh University Press

June 22, 2009

​AKU-ISMC has announced three exciting academic publications series to be launched in October 2009, in collaboration with Edinburgh University Press (EUP).

The three series, Exploring Muslim Contexts (Edited by Abdou Filali-Ansary); In Translation: Modern Muslim Thinkers (Edited by Abdou Filali Ansary); and Muslim Civilisations Abstracts (Edited by Aptin Khanbaghi), will seek to create access to the contemporary thinking of the Muslim world, its intellectual debates and discussions, its dynamic processes of self scrutiny and the vibrancy of its cultural expressions.

The Exploring Muslim Contexts series will address the salient issues faced by Muslim societies as they evolve into a rapidly globalising world, bringing together the scholarship of leading specialists from various academic fields, representing a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives.

In Translation: Modern Muslim Thinkers aims to broaden the current debate regarding Muslim cultures and societies by making available in the English language, material that has previously been published in a range of languages, from Arabic to Urdu.

The Muslim Civilisations Abstracts series offers an invaluable resource, consisting of abstracts and annotated bibliographies that aim to create access to scholarship produced in Muslim contexts, and work focusing on Muslim civilisations in Russia, India and China.

The three series of academic publications respond to an urgent need to present scholarship produced in Muslim contexts on an international platform.

These volumes are due to publish in September 2009. To place an order, please click on the links below, or download a flyer/order form.

Development Models in Muslim Contexts by Robert Springborg
Series: Exploring Muslim Contexts
The Challenge of Pluralism, edited by Abdou Filali-Ansary and Sikeena Karmali Ahmed
Series: Exploring Muslim Contexts

Islam: Message and History by Abdelmadjid Charfi
Series: In Translation: Modern Muslim Thinkers

Encyclopedias about Muslim Civilisations, edited by Aptin Khanbaghi
Series: Muslim Civilisations Abstracts


Razia Velji
Coordinator, Planning & Academic Development
Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations