AKU-ISMC holds short course on Law in Muslim Contexts

News 2009

​​AKU-ISMC holds short course on Law in Muslim Contexts

March 28, 2009

​AKU-ISMC held a two-day intermediate level short course, ‘Law in Muslim Contexts’, with the aim of providing participants with an understanding of the contemporary legal issues impacting Muslim societies.

Held over two Saturdays, 28 March and 4 April, the course attracted a range of participants from the legal profession, civil service, academia and the diplomatic corps.

The course placed current debates – such as the role of shari’a and reforms of personal law in a context informed by history, as well as broader social and political developments. The feedback from participants indicates that such an approach helped them gain an understanding of law in Muslim contexts as multi-faceted, complex and diverse social and cultural productions, debated and influenced by Muslims themselves.

Sessions sought to introduce the participants to the early formation of Muslim law, examine the development of both Sunni and Shi’i schools of law; discuss contemporary debates on the relevance of shari‘a, particularly with respect to gender, human rights, development concerns and politicisation within various communities; and acquaint the participants with issues related to contemporary changes in the personal law of selected Muslim societies.
Teaching sessions were led by scholars from AKU-ISMC (Moncef Ben Abdeljelil and Arif Jamal) as well as other prominent institutions including SOAS (Mashood Baderin and Ian D Edge), New York University (Ziba Mir-Hosseini)and Queen Mary University (Prakash Shah).

AKU-ISMC holds a range of short courses on Muslim cultures which draw upon the wealth of knowledge brought by both participants and faculty in order to create a rich, multicultural experience. Short courses at AKU-ISMC also benefit from the Institute’s location in the heart of London.

In 2009 AKU-ISMC will hold a Summer Programme on Muslim Cultures, Expressions of Diversity.

Razia Velji
Coordinator, Planning & Academic Development
Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations
Email: razia.velji@aku.edu