Comments from Previous Participants

Comments From Previous Participants

Engaging with the Sharia: History and Contemporary Issues (17 & 24 April, 2010)

  • "Well organised"
  • "Excellent introduction to a very complex area"
  • "I loved the overall presenters, specially on the second day"
  • "Consideration might valuably be given to holding this course on 2 consecutive days"
  • "I always enjoy attending your courses and learn a great deal"
  • "Overall the course was very informative and useful. It could have some depth"
  • "Very good. Thank you for arranging this; such events are much needed and very useful"
  • " I have a great many more questions in my head than before - always a good sign"
  • "I thought the course was very well structured - thorough but not too ambitious for the time available"
  • "The venue, equipment and facilities were all very good."
  • "[Music Workshop] excellent - everyone was involved - no one got left out - full participation"
  • "The workshop was very interesting"
  • "Very well organised - very friendly staff"
  • "Workshop very interesting and beautifully run"

Summer Programme (London, UK) Expressions of Diversity: A Contemporary Introduction to Muslim Cultures ​(20 - 31 July, 2009)

  • "[The Summer Programme] has completely revolutionised the way I look at Islam and Muslims."
  • "The subject matter [of the Summer Programme] was useful and very informative. I wanted to get a broader range of knowledge surrounding various cultural issues and found that this programme more than met my expectations."
  • "[The Summer Programme] has enabled me to rethink and attempt to understand Islam and the Qur'an through a new perspective - one which considers the historical, political and cultural contexts of Muslims."
  • "I believe that it [the Summer Programme] was a great stepping stone for me."
  • ".the two-week Programme covered tremendous topics in such a short period of time. The professors have exceeded my expectations - from their technique to their personal interactions with us."
  • "The Summer Programme opened up many questions; it engaged me in a way that has inspired a deep yearning and quest for knowledge in this field. It met my expectations in that it articulated questions and ways of thinking that require deeper study. It provided a taste of a subject that is vast and deep and therefore requires much dialogue, thought, research and personal historical exploration."
  • "This Programme was very thought provoking and left me with many more questions then I started with."

Law in Muslim Contexts (28 March & 4 April, 2009)

  • "The resources online were good. I have to say the course was very good."
  • "[Overall course organisation] was met to an above satisfactory level and I was very much impressed with the way the course ran in terms of smoothness and efficiency."
  • "The speaker's knowledge of the subject was very good."
  • "Excellent. Thought-provoking and informative."
  • "[The course considered] provocative and interesting questions. [The teaching faculty had] a great sense of humour, involved everyone into discussions, [and considered] controversial examples."
  • "[Ziba Mir-Hosseini] was very impressive, the passion, the enthusiasm [displayed by the speaker] was awe-inspiring and affecting."
  • "Great calibre of speakers and detail​