​Tools of Warfare – Introduction to the Military Architecture, Arms and Armour of the Crusaders and the Muslims (11-14th Century)

Short Course

This short course intends to draw scholars and specialists interested by medieval history and arts, from the West and the East. Warfare during the Crusades is a subject that was quite intensively studied by many researchers for the last decades. The men, machines and architectures were explored by the best specialists in these fields, but never before have these subjects been confronted in the light of the most recent archaeological discoveries. 

This short course will deal with military architecture, town walls, castles and citadels, from the perspectives of Christian and Muslims. We will explore the technics of siege and the different war machines used. Then, we will do a general review of all the weapons and armour used by the knights, warriors and soldiers, from infantry to artillery and cavalry. All these topics will follow a chronological sequence and will be associated with many drawings and pictures with an extended and specialised vocabulary.

Dr Stéphane Pradines, AKU-ISMC
Prof Denys Pringle, Cardiff University
Dr David Nicolle, Nottingham
Dr Tobias Capwell, The Wallace Collection

​Full                                   £100
​Early Registration         ​£80 ​Register by 25 January 2013
Concession​                   ​£60 ​Students, pensioner, unemployed, employees of AKDN institutions

Deadline for Registration
11 February 2013

Proof of status is required for all individuals who apply for concessionary rates, and must be submitted prior to confirmation of admission to the course.

This course will take place on Saturday, 16 February 2013, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm at AKU-ISMC, 210 Euston Road, NW1 2DA (Level 2, Room 2.3).

Ms Anne Czambor
Professional Programmes Unit​​​