PL-Philip Lewis_April2013

British Muslims Engaging British
Society: Rethinking Transnational
Islam, Traditionalism and Islamism?

Public Lecture by Prof Philip Lewis

Professor Lewis will argue that most expressions of Islam in Britain have been imported from somewhere else - he is interested in exploring the extent to which a new generation of British Muslims seeking to engage British society are making space to move beyond such traditionalism or whether such traditionalism continues to make such engagement difficult. The lecture will largely focus on Sunni Islam, especially as imported from South Asia.

Dr Philip Lewis is Honorary Visiting Lecturer in the Peace Studies Department of Bradford University. He sat on the Runnymede Trust Commission which produced the report on 'Islamophobia' in 1997 and he is a 'consultant specialist' to the national 'Christian Muslim Forum' whose founder president is the Archbishop of Canterbury.

He was a member of the first advisory group (2003-4), followed by the implementation group (2004-5), of the new national Christian Muslim Forum (CMF). Dr Lewis’s research interests include how complex multi-ethnic and religiously diverse cities and countries are to cohere and enable human flourishing; the role of religion in conflict; and how religious traditions, actors and institutions can be strengthened in their peace-making activities.

Dr Lewis' publications include Young, British and Muslim, 2007 and The civic and religious incorporation of British Muslims: whose incorporation, which Islam? in Western Muslims and the refiguring of liberal citizenship: comparisons from Western Europe and North America, 2013.


The lecture will take place on 10 April 2013 in room 2.3, Level 2 (13.00-14.00)

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