AKU-ISMC Welcomes new class to MA in Muslim Cultures

AKU-ISMC Welcomes new class to MA in Muslim Cultures

The new group of students outside AKU-ISMC in Bedford Square, London.

AKU-ISMC is pleased to welcome its newest group of students to its MA in Muslim Cultures. Students started classes on the 29th of September, and prior to this attended a one-week orientation. During the orientation week students were provided with an introduction to London and its academic and cultural resources.

The cohort, made up of 20 students, comes from a diverse range of countries and cultures including Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tunisia and Syria. Over the course of the two-year MA in Muslim Cultures, students will study Muslim cultures as they have evolved over time, in their historical and contemporary diversity.

During the orientation week, students were introduced to some academic institutions in London whose resources will be available to them including the British Museum, the libraries of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, The Institute of Ismaili Studies and the British Library.

In addition to this, students participated in a range of cultural and social outings, including an excursion to Canterbury, a concert at the Royal Festival Hall and a guided tour around London.

During the orientation week, students participated in a range of lectures, including an introductory session at the British Museum.

Before joining the MA in Muslim Cultures, in the month of August, students attended a pre-session English language and academic writing course at the SOAS. Through this course, students are provided with the opportunity to improve their academic writing and English language skills.

Widyan Almasarani, from Syria, expressing his initial feelings about AKU-ISMC, stated that "the diversity of Muslim cultures is reflected in the diverse body of ISMC's students and staff, which facilitate a stimulating learning atmosphere."

Nawel Zbidi, from Tunisia, noted the unique nature of the MA in Muslim Cultures - especially its multidisciplinary approach to the study of Muslim cultures.

"AKU-ISMC offers a very interesting programme that sheds light on the significant features of Muslim identity and thought. The variety of the multidisciplinary courses that the MA presents will help to broaden my knowledge about Muslim cultures generally. The cheerful and welcoming atmosphere that AKU-ISMC provides its students with is very conducive to creativity and hard work."

Now in its third year, the MA in Muslim Cultures continues to offer a unique approach to the study of Muslim cultures. Using the framework of the humanities and social sciences, the coursework and research components of the MA allow for wider analytical and comparative perspectives.

AKU-ISMC is proud to attract such a diverse student body. The varied approaches and attitudes of each student, their different languages and cultures, and their own individual skills and strengths are a considerable asset that will contribute to the richness of the MA Programme.

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