MA Students Visit Cambridge

Student Life

MA Students Visit Cambridge

On June 2, 2007, the students participated on a trip to the beautiful university town Cambridge.

After arriving at 11am, the student's were given a tour of Cambridge by an experienced guide.  The interesting and knowledgeable guide explained the history of Cambridge, and the fact that the old town is still mainly made of university colleges and buildings. 

The guide showed the students some of the major sights of Cambridge, including Trinity College and the magnificent King's College Chapel, as well as some lesser known sights, such as the Cavendish laboratory - in which the atom was first split, some of the first computers were kept and DNA was discovered.

Following the guide tour of the town, the students had free time to explore on their own - enjoying the river, parks and shops on a beautiful summer day.

To view all photos of the trip, please click here for a photo album.  ​