Students visit the British Museum Exhibition - Shah 'Abbas

The field visit to Shah 'Abbas formed part of the MA in Muslim Cultures course, Material Cultures.

Students visit the British Museum Exhibition - Shah 'Abbas

A group of the Institute's MA students participated on a guided tour of the British Museum's Shah 'Abbas exhibition on 22 May 2009. The guided tour formed part of the course, Material Cultures, which forms part of the MA in Muslim Cultures.

Field visits to museums and galleries form an integral part of the MA in Muslim Cultures. Alongside regular tutorials and guest lectures by eminent speakers, field visits help to place the artistic heritage of Muslims within a broader societal and cultural context.

The exhibition explores Iran through the reign and legacy of one of its most influential rulers, Shah 'Abbas I (ruled from 1587-1629 AD).

Shah 'Abbas was a stabilising force in Iran following a period of civil war and foreign invasion. He strengthened the economy by establishing global trade links between Asia and Europe and revitalised the state religion Shi'a Islam which is still practised today.

The exhibition demonstrates Shah 'Abbas's social, religious and artistic influence on Iran through the gifts he endowed to major shrines in Mashhad, Ardabil and Qum, and the new capital that he created at Isfahan.

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