Class of 2009 Student Profiles

Sameer Noorani is from India. Academically, Sameer is interested in comparative religion and mythologies, anthropology and human rights. He would like to study conflict resolution amongst communities. His personal interests include learning music and new languages, and exploring diverse cultures and countries. He also likes to practice yoga. Learning the violin is Sameer's passion. He is also interested in ayurveda, Psychographic Analysis and ancient Indian astrology.

"London is a vibrant, dynamic city with a lot to offer to all. It has a cosmopolitan culture with a space for every one. AKU-ISMC is a platform, where the past meets the present and helps to view and construct a pluralistic tradition in the coming knowledge societies ahead. Being a graduate of science (chemistry) I began my career as a teacher. My curiosity to know more encouraged me to pursue my post graduate diploma in comparative mythology and post graduate diploma in human rights. I then pursued my masters in sociology (MA I). Teaching is my passion so I continued to work as a teacher during my academic progression. In India I was associated with the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board as part of its community development and youth programme. I was a faculty member of these programmes. I hope that AKU-ISMC provides me with a platform to become informed about Muslim cultures, to reflect upon it and to respect its diverse forms."​