Class of 2010 Student Profiles

Nazim Aman, from Pakistan, has diverse interests, from Muslim intellectual history to the contemporary challenges of Muslim world. He is interested in Islamic philosophy, theology and particularly interested in exploring the relevance of Qur'anic studies or relevant contemporary discourse. In addition to this, he is interested in developmental issues including the challenges and opportunities faced by Muslims globally. His personal interests include composing poetry, listening to music and watching movies. He has previously worked as Assistant Manger Human Resources, Establishment Division within the National Space Agency of Pakistan (Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission). He has also worked as a visiting faculty member at the University of Karachi for two years, and has taught a course on Development Strategies at the Department of Public Administration.

"AKU-ISMC is one of the best institutions in the world that promote scholarship on Muslim societies and cultures, exploring their relevance, commonalities, and differences to other world cultures and civilizations. It is an excellent platform which promises to help actualise student's intellectual potential, and an institution which is committed to facilitate intellectual discussion and debate."