Class of 2009 Student Profiles

Fayaz Noormohamed completed his undergraduate degrees in Canada: a BASc in Mechanical Engineering with an Option in Management Sciences from the University of Waterloo and a BEd in Secondary Education with specializations in Mathematics and Physics and under the School, Community, and Global Connections Program from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). He has volunteered and worked, in the fields of engineering and education, in Canada, Northern Pakistan, Egypt, and most recently in Badakhshan, Tajikistan and Osh, Kyrgyzstan with the Aga Khan Development Network. Fayaz is interested in Islam, philosophy, and global education amongst other academic interests. He is passionate about holistic youth development, outdoor education, and experiential learning as effective approaches to guiding youth towards a better sense of self amidst their societies. Fayaz enjoys his spare time by writing, reading, drawing, painting, watching international cinema, and playing basketball. Fayaz was born and raised in Canada, with two generations before him from East Africa, and of Indian ancestry. At AKU-ISMC, Fayaz is excited about developing a richer intellectual happiness.​