Class of 2009 Student Profiles

Amal Imad is from Pakistan. She is keen to learn more about the traditions, value systems and religious practices of people belonging to different faiths residing in various regions and how they are affected by changing socio-economic conditions. She has the desire to understand the contemporary challenges of Muslims, their diverse cultures and how they have evolved over time to the present age. Her hobbies include exploring countries, listening to music, reading and watching movies.

"London is a culturally diverse city and an excellent place to study because of its richness of academic experiences. It is residence to people from all over the world and you get to learn something new almost every day. Everyone at AKU-ISMC is amiable and supportive. It is an excellent example of people with various backgrounds working together as a family. I am delighted to be a part of the MA Programme and I look forward to a long lasting healthy relationship with everyone at the institute and to engage in fruitful discussions with others and learn from their experiences and knowledge and share mine with them."​