Certificate Course for Educators


Fieldwork helps participants apply classroom learning to their practical field realities in at-least two ways: by incorporating the learning into their teaching or by applying course methodology to a research project.

Those who wish to carry out teaching as their fieldwork prepare lesson plans during the first phase of the course.  They use their plans as teaching sessions in the classroom and are observed by faculty members.  Participants are also required to write a reflective piece on their lesson plan and actual teaching.  Subsequently, the entire process is explored jointly by the tutor and relevant faculty.

Others may opt to apply course methodology to a research project of their  choice.  The research project must be developed in conjunction with course tutors.  The following research themes are suggested starting points for ideas:

  • A photographic survey of sites/monuments/streets in your locality
  • A recording of traditional oral literature - poetry, stories, myths - in your locality
  • An analysis of media representations of contemporary issues
  • Interview-based research to identify educational/social needs of people in your area
  • Field research into a traditional art form or craft in your locality