Dr Hadi Enayat is the 2013 recipient of the biennial Mossadegh Prize

Dr Hadi Enayat is the 2013 recipient of the biennial Mossadegh Prize ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

October 14, 2013

Dr Hadi Enayat, AKU-ISMC Visiting Lecturer, is the 2013 recipient of the biennial Mossadegh Prize, for his book Law, State, and Society in Modern Iran: Constitutionalism, Autocracy, and Legal Reform, 1906-1941​ ​(Pelgrave Macmillan, 2013).  Incorporating history, sociology, and rule of law studies, this book sheds light on an understudied dimension of modernization in Iran, namely the emergence of a new legal system between the 1906 Constitutional Revolution and the end of Reza Shah's rule in 1941.

Dr Enayat provides an account of the political struggles faced by the reformers of the constitutionalist movement in their efforts to establish a modern judiciary and law codes.  His work combines a wide range of sources and sound historical scholarship with insights from other disciplines to throw unique light on a cumulative, if sometimes fractured, process of legal development from the 1906 Constitutional Revolution onwards. 

The award, which recognises distinguished accomplishments in the field of Iranian Studies, was bestowed upon Dr Enayat by the Mossadegh Foundation in recognition of his outstanding scholarship.  

In its judgment the Foundation noted that Law, State, and Society in Modern Iran "is a major intellectual achievement and contribution to modern Iranian history in a subject, central to the ideas upon which the Foundation rests: namely the quest to establish a rule of law, leading first to the Constitutional Revolution and continuing through the early twentieth century". 

Commenting on the award Dr Enayat said: "It is a great honour to receive this recognition from the Mossadegh Foundation which does important work to encourage scholarship on themes such as liberalism, democracy and the rule of law in Iran."

A nonprofit organization, the Mossadegh Foundation’s goal is to make available a comprehensive knowledge of Iran to a large audience through Iran’s culture, history, religions and geopolitical situation. To achieve this, and parallel to the various conferences held, the Foundation’s Library offers a large number of books to the curiosity of visitors. The Foundation took its name as a tribute to the Prime Minister of Iran, who deeply influenced the political life of his country during the twentieth century. It is driven by the liberal and democratic spirit that this political leader had at heart to ensure the national sovereignty of Iran. The Foundation intends to help preserve the memory and thoughts of this statesman.


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