Dr Spellman-Poots speaks at the United Nations Human Rights Council’s 25th session

​Dr Spellman-Poots speaks at the United ​Nations Human Rights Council’s 25th session

March 26, 2014

ISMC’s Dr Kathryn Spellman-Poots was part of a 5-member panel discussion at the United Nations Human Rights Council 25th session on March 14.

During her talk she explored the question of ‘why religious communal boundaries become politicised in a globalised world?’

“Although political situations in places like Iraq, Syria and Bahrain have their own complex histories and unique dynamics,” said Dr Spellman-Poots “the discourse of sectarianism has been used as a blunt instrument to explain the ongoing tensions and violence. Understanding what lies behind sectarianism is crucial in securing the rights of individuals affiliated to communal groupings worldwide.”

Other panellists at the event included Adam Mir (AA Mirsons Solicitors), Francesca Washtell (Centre for Academic Shi’a Studies), Father Nadeem Nassar (Awareness Foundation) and Dr Simon Mabon (Lancaster University).

The 47-member Human Rights Council held its 25th session from 3 to 28 March 2014 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. A wide range of human rights issues were addressed, including presentations from the independent commissions of inquiry on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and on Syria and from the independent expert on Central African Republic, as well as interactive panel discussions on human rights mainstreaming focusing on the human rights of migrants, the death penalty, genocide, and the promotion and protection of civil society space.​


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