Support for Research

Support for Research

The faculty at AKU-IED includes individuals with considerable experience of conducting independent research as well as those with less research experience. Research And Policy Studies (RAPS) supports both groups through internal research grants, and through initiatives to facilitate the development of research proposals. 

Internal Research Grants  

All faculty members are eligible to apply for this normally small grants. The grants are administered through policies and procedures recommended by Research And Policy Studies Advisory Committee (RAPSAC).  

Other Support Initiatives

Research proposals for internal grants are submitted to RAPS which sends them to two or three reviewers. If the reviewers require revision and resubmission, the head of RAPS is available to provide support by reading and giving feedback on several drafts of the proposal.
Whenever necessary, other faculty members are requested to provide similar support. Assistance for preparing the budget for research is also provided by the by AKU-IED finance office and the RAPS office.
RAPS provides additional support to faculty and staff in the form of seminars and workshops on various research methods, including case studies, action research, and surveys.
RAPS facilitates the formation of faculty research groups. Faculty members are invited to participate in externally funded research projects. RAPS provides support by preparing the initial concept paper, appointing a coordinator for the group, and giving intellectual and administrative input to proposal development when requested. RAPS also helps in the submission of proposals to external funding agencies.​