Research Studies

Research Studies

Following are details of AKU-IED's research studies:

​Educational Leadership & Policy Studies​
Pedagogy & Assessment​
Mathematics & Science Education​
Early Childhood Education​ English Education​ Open and Distance Education​
SST, Gender, Citizenship, Environment & Health Education​
​Research Studies by Faculty ​ ​(5 year data) ​ ​ ​ ​
​47 41​ 13​ 4​ 7​ 2​ 15​
​118 105​ ​59 ​6 ​7 ​4 ​30
Research Studies by Students​ ​(10 year data) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​112 92​ 59​ 6​ 22​ 4​ 30​

These researche studies (multi-site) undertaken by our faculty and students have informed national educational education, teacher education reforms and Institute’s own policy, practice, programmes and its educational development initiatives.

Resulting from continuous engagement in research is current vibrant research culture with distinctive ethos reflected by high quality innovative research. Outcomes of faculty led national and international collaborative studies have generated contextually relevant knowledge base for academic and research programmes and the courses offered at the institute in its clientele which comprises of a range of stakeholders in education. 

With its high quality research initiatives, AKU-IED is now recognized for its research active faculty and its capacity to build capacity of aspirant educational researchers to investigate complex educational issues and for monitoring and assessing reform initiatives. Such recognition has led to research partnerships with international universities and funding agencies.