Research themes

Research Themes  

Theme 1 - Professional development approaches and practices

Sub themes:

  • Learning spaces, processes and outcomes

  • Inclusive and relevant pedagogies

  • Multiple literacies

The theme is rooted in AKU-IED’s present and past experiences, expertise, mandate and future aspirations. In the past twenty years, the institute has experimented with various professional development models for teachers, teacher educators and educational management officials.

A focus on investigating learning spaces, processes and outcomes takes into account the changing profile of today’s learner (whether adult or young learner) and the learning situations/venues present themselves in worldwide changing education scenarios. As such learning processes have been essentially part of all the professional development approaches and models, that have been experimented at AKU-IED, have not received due attention.   

Literacy is not just seen as a technical skill of reading and writing any more. Rather it is increasingly being viewed as a social practice of knowing the world. Multiplicity of knowing warrants the acknowledgment of multiple literacies. AKU-IED’s academic investment in various subject areas, early years and use of technology/ies provides a sound ground for researching practices and issues around multiple literacies.

Theme 2 - Education: relevance and equity 

Sub themes: 

  • Curriculum models approaches and their relevance

  • Equity issues in educational policy, provision and governance

This theme is rooted in our faculty’s concern about prevalent inequities in the society and that the provision of education today seems to be instrumental in promoting these inequities. Research into how modes of educational provision and curriculum planning, delivery and its relevance to its clientele, can promote equitable and inclusive opportunities for education for all.

Education policy (its development and implementation processes) may be scrutinize to seek the possibility of promoting equity. Local, regional, global governance of education; matters around development, implementation and monitoring of educational policies at various levels (local, regional, global) have been focus of our faculty members’ work and can be seen as major focus with a forefront focus on promoting educational equity.

Provision related concerns draw attention to quality and quantity of educational institutions for both genders across various levels of schooling. Stemming from this challenge of educational provision is the issue around retention and dropout rates for boys and girls, medium of instruction, and how provision through multiple systems (public, private-multiple categories of private system) perpetuates social inequities. In the context of tertiary education this theme may also examine quality around campus and outside campus experiences of student body. 

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