Disseminating Research and Scholarly Work

AKU-IED actively disseminates existing and ongoing research and scholarship work as well as plans for its future research studies and projects in the areas of institutional priority. It also supports the faculty in disseminating their research findings to wider academic community. All relevant research work, outcomes and recommendations are also shared with policy makers and implementers at different levels. 

Research findings are disseminated through publications in academic journals and books, occasional in-house publications on key educational issues, presentations at national and international conferences, research seminars in schools and formal and informal dialogues with policy makers. At AKU-IED, the Kazim Bacchus Research Seminars provide a regular forum to the researchers and practitioners for sharing their work with the larger educational community.​

Following are details of AKU-IED's publications in the past five years:

Educational Leadership & Policy Studies​ Pedagogy & Assessment​ Mathematics & Science Education​ Early Childhood Education​ English Education​ Open and Distance Education​ SST, Gender, Citizenship, Environment & Health Education​
​Journals ​27 ​15 ​10 ​5 ​4 2​ ​16
​Books ​5 ​7 ​1 ​5 ​3 ​- ​2
​Book chapters ​14 ​16 ​6 ​4 ​5 ​2 ​14
​Teaching & learning material ​2 ​2 ​2 ​2 ​- ​- ​18
The record of AKU-IED publications is maintained in the following categories: 

The publication records are updated every year in June and December.​