Fast facts

​Fast Facts

The Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED) provides a collaborative learning and research environment that is unique in higher education. We offer students opportunities for developing themselves professionally in the areas of teacher education and educational leadership and management.

Our innovative programmes, research initiatives, internationally qualified faculty and a rich repository of learning resources make the institute a unique institution offering opportunities for professional development to teachers, teacher educators, educational managers and researchers. Following fast facts provide details of our faculty, students, alumni, and our research and scholarship work:

Established: July 01, 1993

Location: Karimabad, Karachi, Pakistan

Our faculty
We have 22 high-calibre faculty members, from the level of Professors to Instructors. See details h​ere
Our alumni
To date, teachers, teacher educators, educational managers from Pakistan and several developing countries have graduated from our programmes, These include 4 PhD, 491 MEd, 596 Advanced Diploma, and 6,710 Certificate programme graduates. See details here

Our student enrollment:
Currently, 79 students are enrolled in the graduate programmes, including 9 PhD scholars and 70 MEd students. Pls see details here.

Our research studies:
Our faculty and students have conducted 404 research studies in the areas of Educational leadership & policy studies, pedagogy & assessment, English education, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies education, early childhood education, gender studies, citizenship, environment, health education, and open and distance education. See details here.

Our publications
To date, our faculty's research and scholarship work includes 189 publications, which include journal articles, books, book chapters, and teaching and learning material in the areas mentioned above. See details here.