Code of conduct

Code of Conduct for Visiting

As visitors to our campus you will be required to adhere to the code of conduct for visitors. Please note the following:
  • You must contact our office numbers if you foresee being late for their visit. Late arriving groups/individuals may not be able to participate in all scheduled activities. 

  • You must remain orderly at all times and stay together with the group.

  • Inside office buildings, you should use soft inside voices as classes and routine office work will be in progress.

  • Use of electronic devices, such as cell phones, is prohibited during guided tours and presentations.

  • Visitors must conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner toward each other, staff, students and campus property. Inappropriate comments and gestures will not be tolerated. 

  • If at any time during the campus visit any individual or the group becomes unruly or unmanageable, they will be warned. If the individual or group continues to misbehave, the presentation and/or tour will end.