Research Activities

Research Studies  

Faculty members from AKU-IED and team members from STEP are in the process of conducting research studies on various components of the STEP project. These research studies will document impact of the project, best practices, processes, and sustainability of the project. The lessons learnt about the processes of educational change with particular reference to STEP’s programmatic interventions and its short-term and long term impact will be disseminated through publications and presentations in educational conferences and seminars (national and international).

These research studies are in currently in their initial stages and are expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

Educational Governance

In 2013, STEP completed a large scale research study entitled ‘Schools and Decision Making Structures, Processes and Outcomes: A Case of Educational Governance in Pakistan’. The study was conducted in collaboration with University of Alberta -Center for Global Citizenship Education & Research (UoA-CGCER).The research team visited 13 schools in Sindh, Balochistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan. Qualitative data was collected on decision-making processes through interviews and focus group discussions with teachers, headteachers, parents, students, government officials, and local community notables. A research report is in the process of being developed, which will analyze the findings and make relevant policy recommendations for strengthening educational governance.

Quantitative Research Training Course

A quantitative research training course was developed and implemented in collaboration with the University of Alberta -Centre for Research and Applied Measurement and Evaluation (UoA-CRAME). The purpose of the course was to strengthen the capacity of STEP staff to conduct quantitative research and analysis.