Project Performance

Project Performance

Areas of Intervention

The project was launched with an aim to improve teacher education in KP at two levels:

  1. Institutional level: Aimed at contributing to the shared purpose, i.e., promoting excellence in teacher education, through development in pedagogy, research and scholarship culture.
  2. System level: Focused on creating a broad forum where key stakeholders could discuss substantive problems and issues faced by the education system and come up with resolution.

Following activities were undertaken for the project duration: 

  • Formative research studies
  • Professional development programmes
  • Dissemination of learning/experiences through publications and seminars
  • Faculty visits and capacity development
  • Students (MPhil/PhD) exchange visits
  • Field-based activities
  • Strengthening support structure

Key Milestones of the Project

The project achieved all its targets and was able to create an impact at IER-PU in terms of developing capacity of faculty, creating a culture of research and other educational initiatives by the Institute.

Some of the key milestones achieved were as follows:

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