Project Partners

​Project Partners

The LUI’s International Service, Faculty of Education and International ​Studies at Oslo University College (LINS), Norway

Established in 1997, the Institute specializes in developmental issues in education for the developing world as its main professional fields are providing consultancy, research and advisory services. The professionals of LINS are based in the Department of International Studies, LUI’s International Service at Oslo University College (LINS), undertaking teaching and research complementary to their consultancy work. LINS has experienced external consultants attached to its organization and it is also connected to an extensive network of professionals in the field of development and international education.

Role and Responsibilities

  • In collaboration with AKU-IED, provide technical assistance for the review of teacher training curriculum, courses, and programmes currently offered by IER-PU.
  • In collaboration with AKU-IED, provide technical assistance for the development and implementation of short and medium term courses at IER-PU.
  • Support formative research at IER-PU.
  • Support the modernisation of the libraries at IER-PU and AKU-IED.
  • Provide international exposure to IER-PU and AKU-IED.
  • Facilitate staff and student exchange visits.

The Institute of Education and Research, Peshawar University

One of the constituents of Peshawar University, the Institute was established as Department of Education in 1950. Its status was elevated as College of Education in 1964. It was designated as an Institute of Education and Research (IER) and Faculty of Education in 1980. It offers BEd, MEd, MPhil, and PhD trainings to prospective and in-service teachers of secondary/higher secondary schools. Its vision is to upgrade the quality of education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) by preparing quality teachers to meet the demands of the 21st century. 

Role and Responsibilities

  • Collect and collate all key documents in the education sector in KP.
  • Continuously liaise with the Department of Education and Literacy,
  • Government of KP, for identification of priority areas for support to KP education sector programmes.
  • Facilitate meetings, visits and contacts with the provincial government.
  • Explore and, if feasible, lay the ground work for involving other key education institutions in KP, such as Provincial Institute of Teacher Education (PITE), etc.
  • Make logistic arrangements in connection with programmes, workshops, events, research, conferences, fieldwork and studies to be held at IER-PU or in any other part of KP.
  • Whenever needed and appropriate, provide students for field work and faculty for monitoring progress and advising students doing the field work.
  • Disseminate information and give presentations on the cooperation programme within the Peshawar University.
  • Initiate the process of reviewing the teacher training curriculum, courses and programmes currently being offered by IER-PU.
  • Submit progress reports (both academic and financial) on a quarterly basis to AKU-IED for the development of the overall project progress report.
  • Award certificates to the participants of the programmes, workshops, seminars, etc.

The Aga Khan University Institute of Educational Development

Established in 1993, AKU-IED’s mission is to continue serving as a 'national resource' for building institutional capacity of education systems of the developing countries, especially Pakistan, through conducting research, promoting scholarship, offering innovative teaching programmes and influencing education policy and practice. It is committed to working closely with the public sector and to take a lead role in the education sector reforms in Pakistan.

The Institute offers teacher education programmes grouped as graduate programmes and professional development programmes, conducts research and undertakes outreach activities. In a very short span of time, AKU-IED has been able to earn credibility of a high quality institute in all the above areas by national and international institutions within and outside Pakistan. Its outreach activities include a network of Professional Development Centers in Karachi, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Chitral and a Professional Teachers’ Association Network.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Provide technical assistance to IER-PU in designing, planning and implementing the short and medium term courses.
  • Arrange exchange of staff and students, primarily with IER-PU, but also with LINS.
  • Exchange educational material, primarily with IER-PU, but also with LUI’s International Service, Faculty of Education and International Studies at Oslo University College (LINS), where appropriate.
  • Conduct workshops / seminars / conferences as outlined in the proposal.
  • Identify the role of Professional Development Centre, Chitral (PDCC) in the project.
  • Identify common national areas of interest for developing the education sector in Pakistan.
  • Conduct joint research and training programmes with IER-PU.
  • Develop project progress and financial reports on a quarterly basis and narrative reports on a bi-annual basis.​

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