Project Monitoring

​Monitoring and Review Mechanism

The project was monitored by an Oversight Committee consisting of the directors/heads of each partner unit and a member nominated from among and by the faculty of each partner unit, along with the representative from the Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan.

The role of the committee was to approve annual activity plans and budget, monitor progress of the activity plan and oversee disbursement and spending of the budget. It was scheduled to meet four times during the project period, alternately at the three partner locations, with two meetings at IER-PU and one each at the other two partner institutions. However, due to extension of the project, the committee met more than four times.

An Annual Steering Committee was also formed to come together for discussing the progress of the project. The first meeting took place in Oslo, Norway. The remaining five meetings took place in Pakistan between 2009 to 2011. The Norwegian partner institution could not take part in the remaining meetings.

In addition to these meetings, several formal and informal planning meetings were also held through face-to-face and audio conferencing for feedback on activities and project progress and issues. The active participation of leadership of both Pakistan-based institutions facilitated the smooth completion of the project activities.​

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